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Dear Customers,  All our health retail customers who are currently being serviced by M/s E-Meditek Insurance TPA henceforth would be serviced by M/s MediAssist Insurance TPA.

For any Retail Health Claims assistance you may now contact :
M/s MediAssist  Insurance TPA private Limited
Toll Free Number  : 1800 4259 449
Email Address  :


Raheja QBE is firmly committed to providing excellent claims service to make our company the First Choice Insurer for its customers.  Our Claims team will ensure a friendly, fair and timely settlement of all valid claims.

How to Make a Claim

To register a claim you will require the following information.
• Policy Number
• Date and Time of Loss
• Location of damaged property
• A brief description of the event giving rise to a claim
• Name and Contact Number of person handling the claim

Who to Call

To help you in the event of a loss, we request you to please call our dedicated Toll Free Number 1800 102 7723 or Mobile Number +91 70453 59601 at your earliest convenience. You can also email us at:

When to Call

It is important that you contact us at your earliest convenience so that the claim process can commence quickly.

What our claims service provides you

• An established team with a wealth of claims management expertise worldwide
• Focus on delivering outstanding levels of service across all lines of business
• An efficient, equitable and friendly claims handling service combined with prompt payment
• Innovation and transparency in handling claims
• Close management of appointment and performance of service providers

We deal with the  most highly reputed claims service providers - Surveyors, Loss Adjustors, Third Party Administrators etc -  within and outside India. Service Level Agreements have been signed with them to ensure quick and speedy settlement of claims through simple procedures that cut down delays in settlement.

For your convenience the Claim Forms of various products are available on the respective web page.

Limits for Surveyors

 Category Fire  Engg   Marine  Motor  Misc.  Liability
 A  >5 lacs  >5 lacs >3 lacs   >1 lac  >3 lacs  >1 lac
 B Upto 7.5 lacs Upto 7.5 lacs Upto 5 lacs Upto 2 lacs Upto 5 lacs Upto 2 lacs
 C Upto 3 lacs Upto 2 lacs Upto 2 lacs Upto 1 lac  Upto 2 lacs  Upto 1 lac

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