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General Liability

Business Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

All businesses have a legal liability to their customers, suppliers and the general public. If a third party suffers bodily injury or damage to their property arising out of your business activities, including the actions of you or your employees, you may be held liable. The court can award significant compensation against you, the affect of which may be compounded by the impact on your time, your company's reputation and defence costs. Raheja QBE Liability Covers will indemnify you against compensation awarded in court and the associated costs of defending the claim in accordance with the terms of the policy.

Public Liability Act Insurance

Liability Insurance is available to protect you against liability arising out of any accident affecting any person(s) occurring while handling hazardous substances as listed in the Gazette notification issued under the PLI Act 1991. The Public Liability Act, 1991 was made effective from 01.04.1991 to provide through insurance, immediate relief for you, for acts relating to control or handling of hazardous chemicals and to persons due to handling of such hazardous substances on a ‘No Fault Liability’ basis.

Combined General Liability Insurance

Liability may seem like a straightforward insurance risk today. But changing exposures can lead to unexpected and complex claims with daunting implications in terms of expense, time and reputation.  Raheja QBE Combined General Liability policy combines both public and products liability and is the policy coverage purchased by many businesses from medium scale to the largest.

Even if you have taken all necessary precautions in the way your business is conducted and your products are manufactured, accidents can occur. Subsequent bodily injury and property damage claims against you can become a reality – especially if the accident is deemed to have been caused by your negligence.

The Cover policy wording can be tailored to help meet the needs of individual occupations, addressing the increasing complexity of industry specific exposures.   Whether yours is a large or a small business you may need the advantages of this cover. It will help your business manage the impact of many legal liabilities which may arise from your business activities or from incidents involving the goods or services you provide.

Important Note:

The details furnished above are only a summary of product features and do not describe the entire terms, conditions and exclusions on the Policy. For further details or clarifications on the Policy contact Raheja QBE officials or your insurance advisor. We shall be pleased to furnish further details.

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