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Top tips to consider when buying health insurance.

Choosing the perfect health insurance for yourself can be a pretty daunting task, and may take up a lot of your time and concern, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Before purchasing a health insurance plan one must consider the best alternative for themselves, depending on certain parameters. Read More

Riders one can consider while buying health insurance.

With the ever-increasing costs of healthcare, having health insurance has become a necessity. And since everybody requires health insurance the plans created are meant to cover the important basics. With the help of riders or add ons to these health insurance plans, one can purchase the health insurance plan that suits their needs perfectly. Read More

Top tips to consider when buying car insurance.

Car insurances usually do not receive a lot of attention from car owners in India, and one can easily be misled into choosing the insurance with the lowest of premiums, just to clear the road traffic norms. But on the contrary, a car insurance is perhaps as important as buying the car itself. There are several factors one must consider before purchasing an insurance cover for your car, and some of them are: Read More

Add on covers one can consider while buying motor insurance.

Add on covers such as cover for depreciation on parts, cover for consumables, Return to Invoice are relevant for financial protection in case of a loss. Though each add on cover comes at an extra cost, the coverage for vehicle in case of accident is also wider. Read More

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