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Plate glass and
glow/neon sign insurance

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About the Policy

The policy secures plate glass panels, glow sign and neon signs installed at insured premises against any sudden, unforeseen, accidental loss or damage. It aims at providing security to businesses for their fragile furnishing in commercial spaces in case of untoward events.

Important details


  • Any sudden, unforeseen, accidental loss or damage to plate glass/neon signs/glow signs.
  • Damage to frame and framework of any description following breakage of glass and/or neon boards/glow signs subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/-.
  • Following breakage of glass, the cost of tinting, lettering, painting, embossing, silvering or any other ornamental work on the replacement glass, provided that such costs have been included in the sum insured of the glass.


  • Damage or breakage to plate glass or neon.
  • Signs and Glow Signs which are not securely fixed.
  • Any costs incurred in connection with the elimination of functional failures unless such failures were caused by an indemnifiable event.
  • Loss or damage caused by sun, rain, hail climatic or atmospheric conditions.
  • Radioactive contamination, war risks, damage caused by sonic bangs.
  • Gradually occurring losses or damage by wear and tear, depreciation, insects, vermin, moth, fungus, corrosion, rust, atmospheric or climatic conditions, ingress of water, gradually operating cause, process or cleaning, dyeing, repair, alteration or restoration.
  • Loss, destruction or damage caused to the property insured by burning order of any public authority.
  • Terrorism Damage.

Refer to the policy wordings for further details.

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