Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Security against
mechanical and
electrical breakdowns

Insuring your machines against unforseen damages

About the Policy

The policy provides coverage to industrial organizations against damage to mechanical and electrical equipment arising from faulty design, faulty operation, short circuit and other causes. It secures industrial endeavours in terms of damage to mechanical and electrical equipment.

Important details


Coverage from damage to mechanical and electrical equipment arising from:

  • Faulty design, faults at workshop or in erection, defects in casting.
  • Tearing apart on account of centrifugal force.
  • Short circuit and other electrical causes.
  • Discount for stand-by equipment.
  • Discount for favourable claims experiences.
  • Discount for opting higher voluntary excess.
  • Incentives for good maintenance.
  • Special rating scheme for equipment valued Rs.50 lacs and above based on the age of the equipments.
  • Maintenance, in built safety systems, claims experience etc.
  • Refer to the policy wordings for further details.


  • War fire, lightning, inundation, flood, earthquake, subsidence, landslide chemical explosion, burglary and theft, impact by land borne/water borne craft.
  • Wear and tear, faults or defects existing at the time of commencement of insurance which ought to have been declared or were known to you, faults or defects for which the supplier is responsible either by law or under contract.
  • Accident loss/damage and/or liability resulting from overload experiments or tests requiring imposition of abnormal conditions.
  • Loss of use of the insured’s plant or property or any other consequential loss incurred by the insured.
  • War or warlike operations or nuclear perils.
  • Wilful acts or gross negligence on the part of you or your representatives.
  • Loss, damage and/or liability due to faults or defects existing at the time of commencement of this insurance and known to the insured or his responsible representatives but not disclosed to the company.
  • Policy excess is the first amount of any claim that you have to bear

Please read the policy for complete details.

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