Health QuBE Super Saver plan

Avail all the medical
benefits with reduced

With our Super saver health plan, avail hospitalization
coverage with co-payment option.

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About the Policy

This plan provides all the benefits of basic plan at a discount with the option of 20% co pay.

Schedule of benefits Sum Insured Limit (1-2 Lacs) Sum Insured Limit (3-50 Lacs)
In-patient hospitalisation
Room rent (per day) 1% of sum insured 1% of sum insured
ICU charges (per day) 2% of sum insured 2% of sum insured
Doctor fees 25% of sum insured* 25% of sum insured*
Pre hospitalisation 30 Days 60 Days
Post hospitalisation 60 Days 90 Days
Ambulance charges (#)
Daily allowance 500 per day
Organ donor benefit 20% of sum insured
Recharge/replenish benefit
Medical checkup
Non Medical expenses (-)
(on cashless facility)
Sum insured increase 10% on cashless 10% on cashless
Domiciliary hospitalisation (@)
No claim bonus
Co-pay - 20% Built-In Built-In
2 Year Policy availability

Note: Family floater starts at 2 Lakhs sum insured and above

*In 20 Lakhs and above sum insured, the base coverage does not have sublimits.

Non medical expenses (-)

Sum Insured Maximum amount per day
3 to 6 Lakhs 1,000
7 to 9 Lakhs 2,000
10 to 15 Lakhs 3,000
20 to 50 Lakhs 5,000

Ambulance charges (#)

Sum Insured Maximum amount per hospitalisation
1 to 2 Lakhs 1,000
3 to 9 Lakhs 1,500
10 to 50 Lakhs 2,500
- -

Domiciliary hospitalisation (@)

Sum Insured Maximum amount per claim
1 to 2 Lakhs 15,000
3 to 9 Lakhs 25,000
10 to 20 Lakhs 50,000
25 to 50 Lakhs 1,50,000

Important Details


Special features you can enjoy

  • Choice of third party administrator
  • Cashless facility available at more than 5,000+ hospitals across the country
  • Online facility for policy issuance and claim registration


  • Pre-existing diseases (Code- Excl01)
  • First thirty days waiting period (Code- Excl03)
  • Investigation & evaluation (Code- Excl04)
  • Rest cure, rehabilitation and respite care (Code- Excl05)
  • Obesity/weight control (Code- Excl06)
  • Cosmetic or plastic Surgery (Code- Excl08)

Refer to the policy wordings for further details.

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