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About the Policy

The Pravasi Bhartiya bima yojana is an insurance policy mandatory for all Indian citizens emigrating to foreign countries, under the Emigration Act. The insurance provides travelers with coverage against personal accidents, medical emergencies and more.

At Raheja QBE we aim to provide the most efficient insurance solutions to our consumers by keeping their best interest in mind. The greatly beneficial Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojna is also extended to our customers with the same belief.


This scheme shall be mandatory for all citizens of India who apply for and obtain an emigration clearance as required under the Emigration Act, 1983 (31 of 1983) as well as emigrants going for overseas employment for various professions falling under work categories covered under Section 2 (o) of Emigration Act, 1983 irrespective of the passport category.

Age Limit: Minimum age for an adult is 18 years; Maximum age for a child is up to 21 Years

Important details


  • Coverage for personal accidents covering death and permanent total disability.
  • Hospitalization expense of the insured and his family members (spouse and children), maternity expense of woman insured person.
  • Litigation expenses relating to the insured’s employment abroad.

To know all features kindly refer the Policy Wording


  • For any claim relating to events occurring before the commencement of the cover and after the expiry of the cover as described in the Period of Insurance.
  • Any claim in the event of war or military action occurring against the country or internal conflict in the country to which the Insured Person/Emigrant has gone for the work.
  • Any claim arising after expiry date of passport or visa for Insured Person.

To know all exclusions kindly refer the Policy Wording

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