Marine Cargo-Specific Transit

Securing your goods
and property

Insure your cargo on all modes of transit

About the Policy

The policy protects your cargo from the risks of shipping and transportation of goods. It offers specific transit marine insurance to help you flourish your business across the seas.

Important details


  • The policy is assignable (except in case of Seller’s Interest Insurance).
  • The sum insured is fixed on ‘agreed value’ basis. Normally with a margin of 10% on invoice price for incidental expenses.
  • The premium rates depend on factors like nature of cargo, scope of cover, packing, mode of conveyance, distance and past claims experiences.
  • Policies can be issued for (a) Specific Transit (b) Marine Open policy with periodical declarations and (c) Sales Turnover Policy with quarterly statements.

Refer to the policy wordings for further details.


  • Wilful misconduct.
  • Ordinary leakage/loss in weight or volume, wear and tear.
  • Improper packing.
  • Inherent vice.
  • Delay.
  • Insolvency/financial default of carriers.
  • War, strike, riot and civil commotion.

Refer to the policy wordings for further details.


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